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Buying Your Own Land

There's nothing quite like waking up on the first day of hunting season and heading out to your own private tract of land. If you're tired of hunting on someone else's property or just want to get in touch with nature, you may want to invest in land to call your own.

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Factors to Consider:


Landscape & Location

Be sure to consider the topography and location of your hunting land—an ideal spot will be far from the city and have a mix of open and forested grounds.



To attract deer and other wild game, you'll need a year-round food source, like low hanging trees, shrubs, fruit, and nuts.



A hunting property with a dedicated water source, such as a pond or river, will likely attract more wildlife, but you can always add one of your own later on.



Most wildlife will seek cover during the day, so it's essential to have enough trees and shrubs around your hunting property.


Healthy Population

Before buying your hunting property, make sure it has a healthy game population. You can check this by looking for droppings, footprints, or the animals themselves.

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